1. What is the Remington Arms Company RSA Program?

    The RSA program is an opportunity for retailers to earn cash for purchasing eligible products from a participating wholesaler during the program period.

  2. I participated in the mid-year RSA program, what do I do to enroll in the Fall RSA?

    Nothing! If you registered for the mid-year RSA, you are automatically enrolled in the Fall program. If you want to view your registered wholesalers or add new ones, please click HERE to make changes

  3. How do I submit my purchases for RSA rewards?

    You just need to register at www.RACRSA.com and assure to sign up with all participating wholesalers where you will purchase product during the program period. Remington will use reporting supplied by the wholesalers to determine RSA purchases and distribute checks automatically.

  4. How do I know how much RSA rewards my business has earned?

    Login to your account at www.RACRSA.com and click “dashboard” to see a summary of all qualifying RSA purchases. Please note - Totals for the Fall RSA program will not be visible until 2-3 weeks after the program period ends.

  5. I purchased eligible product; why don’t I see my purchase reflected in my dashboard?

    There are a few options:

    1. Fall RSA earnings will not be visible until 2-3 weeks after the program period ends.
    2. If you confirm the product was shipped during the program period but has not shown up on your dashboard by Nov. 21st, please contact us at rewards@racrsa.com.

  6. I have future orders on the books with a participating wholesaler, do I need to cancel and re-write to be eligible for RSA rewards?

    Absolutely not! RSA funds will be paid on shipments during the program period regardless of when the order was placed. However, you must register BEFORE being eligible for RSA rewards. Shipments occuring before registration but after the November 3rd will NOT qualify.

  7. I just found out about the program but I had participating products ship last week. Will I be paid RSA rewards retroactively upon registration?

    Yes - regardless of when you register for the Fall RSA program, all products shipped during the program period will qualify for RSA payment

  8. Who can participate in the RSA (Retail Sales Allowance) Program?

    Any firearms or ammunition retailers who purchase new Remington, Marlin, or Bushmaster products from a participating Remington wholesaler.
    *Conditions apply, please click here for official terms and conditions.

  9. Which products qualify for a Retail Sales Allowance Reward?

    Qualifying Firearms, Ammunition and Rewards will be posted on the RSA website at: www.RACRSA.com.

  10. How much money in rewards can I receive over the course of the program?

    There are no limits as to the amount of cash rewards a retailer may earn.

  11. Is the date range for eligible purchases defined as the purchased or shipped date?

    The RSA Program runs from October 2nd – November 3rd 2017 and sales of qualifying products must be SHIPPED from a participating wholesaler to the registered retailer during the Program dates. Shipments leaving the wholesale warehouse after 11/3/17 will not qualify.

  12. Can I purchase qualifying product from multiple participating Wholesale partners during the program?

    Yes, you may purchase from as many Wholesale partners as you choose. Retailers must register for each participating wholesaler from which they intend to make purchases before product ships to qualify. Detailed instructions on how to register can be found at www.RACRSA.com.

  13. How long will it take for the RSA rewards check to arrive?

    Upon completion of the Program on November 3, 2017 a check will be sent from RAC to each eligible retailer. Please allow 6-8 weeks for check delivery after program completion.

  14. What wholesalers are participating in the RSA program?

    Click here to see a list of all participating wholesalers.