Terms & Conditions

Remington Arms Company – Fall Retail Sales Allowance Program

October 2nd – November 3rd, 2017

Brand Model RSA Amount
DPMS All Oracle Rifles $35.00/ ea.
DPMS All Rifles (excludes Oracle) $55.00/ ea.
Bushmaster All QRC Rifles $35.00/ ea.
Bushmaster All Rifles (excludes QRC) $55.00/ ea.
Remington All Model 783 Rifles $25.00/ ea.
Remington All 1911 Handguns $75.00/ ea.
Remington All RP/RM/R51 Pistols $25.00/ ea.


View a complete list of qualifying UPCs below, or download the list HERE.


Retail Sales Allowance Program (RSA) – Sponsored by Remington Arms Company, LLC.

The Remington Arms Company (“RAC”) Retail Sales Allowance Program (the “Program”) is a cash reward Program for federally licensed firearms retailers (“retailer”) who purchase new Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, DPMS, and/or Advanced Armamament products from a qualifying RAC wholesaler between Oct 2, 2017 – Nov. 3, 2017.  The qualifying firearms and ammunition, along with the corresponding allowances, are identified in the table below.   Eligibility requires a representative from the firearms retailer to pre-register at www.RACRSA.com.  As part of the registration process, the firearms retailer must provide account numbers for each wholesaler from which they intend to make purchase of qualifying products during the Program period.  Once registered, purchases will be reported to the RSA Program by the wholesaler and dollars will accumulate in the retailers account.  Within 8 week of Program completion, a check will be issued from RAC directly to the retailer. 


The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Program:

  1. Eligibility:
    • The RSA Program runs from Oct 2, 2017 – Nov. 3, 2017 and sales of qualifying products must be shipped from a participating wholesaler to the registered retailer during the Program dates. Shipments leaving the wholesale warehouse after 11/3/17 will not qualify.
    • Firearms retailer must complete the registration process in full at www.RACRSA.com during the program period.
      • Retailer must register for each participating wholesaler from which they intend to make purchases before product ships to qualify. Detailed instructions on how to register can be found at www.RACRSA.com
      • Retailers who participated in the 2017 Mid-Year RSA program will automatically be enrolled in the Fall RSA program. No additional registration steps are necessary.
    • Purchases must be made through a qualifying RSA wholesaler. A complete list of qualifying wholesalers can be found at www.RACRSA.com
    • Only sales of new qualifying products are eligible for rewards. Previously owned or used firearms do not qualify.
    • Law enforcement products or tax-exempt orders do not qualify for this Program.
    • Only businesses operating in the United States qualify for the Program.
  2. Qualifying Products and Cash Rewards:
    • Qualifying products and cash reward amounts will be posted on RAC’s RSA website at: www.RACRSA.com
    • Remington may from time to time change qualifying products and cash rewards associated with qualifying sales.
  3. Accrual & payment of RSA cash rewards:
    • After registration, all purchase for qualifying products during the Program period will automatically be uploaded from the qualifying wholesaler and added to the retailer’s RSA account.
      • View account status at www.RACRSA.com.
      • ii. Total RSA earned will be reflected on the dealers dashboard atwww.RACRSA.com upon completion of the program
    • Upon completion of the Program, a check will be sent from RAC to each eligible retailer for the full value of qualifying purchases from RAC.
      • Please allow 6-8 weeks for check delivery after Program completion (Nov 3rd)
  4. Conditions for Wholesalers:
    • Wholesalers who wish to participate must provide written acceptance to these terms and conditions by 9/22/17.
    • Wholesalers must provide reporting within 1 week of the program’s close that include shipments of eligible product to all participating retailers
      • Reports must include ship date, retailer account number, retailer name, UPC, RAMAC
      • Reports must be sent to racrsa@rsmbiz.com
    • Wholesaler must aid Remington and retailers throughout the program period by providing details surrounding unique account numbers for retail accounts which will be used for accrual & registration purposes.
    • RAC requires participating wholesalers to purchase, from RAC, additional items totaling 50% of the value of qualifying products sold through the participating wholesaler during the Program period.
      • Value determined at standard net wholesale cost as of 9/1/17
      • Product must be ordered within 30 days of RAC providing the buyback amount.
      • Orders must be shippable in 2017 per RAC’s ATS list at the time the order is placed.
      • Orders cannot be combined with any additional offers or discounts
  5. General:
    • There are no limits as to the amount of cash rewards a retailer may earn
    • Only one registration allowed per retailer
    • RAC reserves the right to cancel, amend or terminate this Program at any time.
    • RAC reserves the right to suspend or revoke a retailer’s participation in the RSA Program in the event these Terms and Conditions are violated in the sole discretion of RAC
  6. Qualifying Products:
    • All DPMS Oracle - $35/gun
    • All Bushmaster QRC - $35
    • DPMS Rifles (excludes Oracle) - $55
    • Bushmaster Rifles (excludes QRC) - $55
    • All Model 783 Rifles - $25
    • All Remington 1911 Handguns - $75
    • Remington RP/RM/R51 Pistols - $25

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